Princess In Her Paradise

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Princess In Her Paradise


She was born in nature’s lap in a green valley surrounded by blue mountains to beautiful and sensible parents- strong, tough and erect as the strong evergreen mountain trees , with a beautiful heart capable of loving and valuing  respecting life.


She was a fairy princess.


She was born on a beautiful and glorious spring morning when Mother Nature was also  bathing Herself in the profusion of the new  colours of life. She was a sweet child with thick black hair, a glowing pinkish complexion and beautiful bright sparkling and calm dark eyes deep as the sea. Her eyes would smile and wonder, often revealing the expression of immersion in deep thought, fantasy and imagination.


She grew up breathing in the clean and pure mountain air ,watching the free and independent motion of birds and butterflies, bright colourful flowers blooming in the garden, the greenery of the grass , trees with ripe fruits  pecked by birds,  ponds with sparkling blue waters and sweet ducks, the clear blue expanse of the sky, clouds floating to distant unknown lands, twinkling stars  and the silver moon in all its splendour.


She grew up in a calm and peaceful atmosphere listening to soft sounds-the wind whispering through the trees with so many tales to tell, the pattering of raindrops, the songs of the birds celebrating life, the loving voice of her father, the sweet melodious songs and stories told by her mother lulling her to deep slumber.


 From her very childhood she got accustomed to viewing the changes undergone by nature-slow and gradual transitions of day into afternoon, twilight into evening, evening into night, night into day, change of seasons, change of shades, change of colours, sights and sounds.


Her parents did not consider her to be a puppet to be spoiled, but as an individual with sharp senses and feelings of her own. They gave her a free space of her own allowing her to cultivate her individuality and use of her senses and decide in her own free way, like the birds and animals and plants, correcting her when needed. They disciplined her in a soft and entertaining way being firm and loving.


Her mother made her eat, sleep and play at definite timely intervals, so that she developed a beautiful circadian rhythm beautifully regulating her bodily urges, much like birds and animals who have a rhythmic intrinsic pattern of natural discipline and regulation that makes their freedom and existence more enjoyable. Her mother was a lovely cook. Using little spice and oil she could create a variety of wonderful and magical tastes and flavours. She had wonderful decision-making ability. Her parents had exquisite choice, were intelligent and honest and stayed happy within their limits. They were not prone to obsessions, addictions and gluttony. The princess felt lovely in the healthy atmosphere in which her parents nurtured her.


The princess grew up to be a beautiful lady with a beautiful aura.


Even though she was outgoing, her home was the best place in the world.


During the lockdown after novel coronavirus outbreak, it was no problem for her at all to be in her home-the best paradise for a princess like her.


She had always been able to give her best from home.


Now she lives in a city, not in the mountains.


But the environment in her home has always retained the clean and fresh air of the mountains.


She has always thoroughly enjoyed herself at home.


She still does, she always would.