Don't want to pierce-so what?

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Don’t want to pierce - so what?


In today’s age, in Indian society, is piercing ears of little girls still a compulsion? Is there no other option?

Yes, there is. But there is little awareness I feel.

Have you heard of clip-on earrings which you can wear without piercing your ears?

You need not pierce your ears against your will and still sport fashionable earrings. You need not go on justifying to others why you do not want to pierce your ears. You can say, “Why, there is the option of clip-on earrings.  Why bother about piercing?’’

Has that day come in India ? No.

If you wear clip-on earrings, do you have to make a revolution? No. The fashion option already exists. There are on-line sites (Few References:,,, selling such earrings. Few imitation stores in India also have clips which can be attached to pierced earrings to convert them to clip-on earrings.

This fashion option is simpler and safer.  The clips and other modes of attachment to un-pierced ears can also be beautifully designed.

I have happily embraced clip-on earrings as my fashion statement.

I hate unnecessary complications. With the option of clip-on earrings, I need not go through the unnecessary trouble of piercing my ear and be enslaved to a permanent scar.

Being modern and sensible, my parents have been very much against the age-old compulsion of piercing a girls’ ear.

They have always preferred clip-on earrings-a glamorous fashion option indeed.

For example, gold clip-on earrings have been worn by Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywood’s timeless glamour icons. 

My un-pierced ears were the matter of utmost concern of my friends. They said, “You must not be late. Your earlobe will become much fleshy and thicker. You must tell your parents to make haste. “

Sometimes this became so unbearable that I used to tell my parents,``You see, I will also pierce my ears.” My mother used to say, “I think you are privileged that we have such a mindset. Little children can’t really handle earrings, and we don’t want you to wear earrings now. I feel that the faces of little children are so beautiful that there is no need of wearing earrings. My ears were pierced and I don’t want you to go through that experience if a better alternative exists.  I assure you, you will also wear very fashionable earrings later. Don’t worry. “

She did keep her word. When I was in High School, Ma bought me some clip-on earrings from imitation jewellery stores in Gariahat Market and Lake Market. My friends said, “Why, it does not even look like that your ears are not pierced. Don’t they fall off?”

If nicely engineered, there is no fear. 

My friends started appreciating the idea. The parents of many of them had opted for cheaper non-hygienic methods of piercing gifting their girls with lifelong troubles. “If you have to wear ornaments and look beautiful you have to tolerate pain and be brave”-their minds have been fed with this notion. 

Even today, my little school students admire my earrings and wish if they could have been lucky like me.

 A natural smile when you are really feeling comfortable from inside and a plastic smile masking discomfort have a lot of difference. Smile is the best ornament of the face. And if you do not like the idea of piercing, go for clip-on earrings and other options that do not require piercing -just feel beautiful, look beautiful and flash your hundred watt smile! Your beauty will be unparalleled.

What do you think?