That last night real or dream?

By: Tanishq kevlani

"It was raining outside. It was dark night. Window scatters due to stormy and cold wind blowing. Raining heavily outside. I was sleeping and suddenly sound came of door creaking, I woke up, as it was late night and I was feeling very sleepy, L thought due to stormy  air the door might be opened. And thinking this I slept again in my deep dreams. Suddenly sound came of footsteps from the hall. I was listening them very carefully and as they were coming nearer my heart was increasing. And then what I saw was terrified me. My heart was freezed like Siberia ice. I saw a man with no head and chest. I can recognize the face of man and I was shocked to see that he was the man whom I killed ten days before. I was really shocked and I was not knowing what to do now. Before I could do anything he came near to me and laughed weirdly and putted his hand in my mouth and took out my heart. Then he disappeared. Then I felt down with my eyes closed. Now I don't know that night was real or dream? I said these to the police man who was crying with a photo of his brother in hand. After listening this he showed me the photo and said that his brother was murdered before few days and when I saw that I was shocked to see that the man I killed was his brother. I said to the police man that I saw his brother in heaven and as I have only sent him there. After listening to this the police man with anger saw me and before he could do anything I disappeared in the dark night.