By: Arnav Dutta


Whenever I gaze from the orb of my eyes at the carulean blue sky. Cumulus, Cirrus, Startus and Contrail just like bonbons levitate in the sky. 

Coming from nowhere but from the place of Deity or Supreme Being. We glimpse them in Cloud or overhere them in Wind. Having different configurations and proportions that might symbolises someone's dream but they are the one who don't sleep. They speaks in thousands of colours, looks like Abbodon had become ally. It's roar soothes me it's comforting to know that even nature needs to scream sometimes.

When I gaze at the Northern sky i.e Aurora it looks like they are from Heaven. Pale Green and Rose Pink curtains hung and trumbled like Chandelier at it's bottom edge a profound fiery crimson like the fire of Hell. They are shimmery, looks like they are giving compotetion to the most skilful dancer of the universe.

When we sense down cast then they gives us rain knocking on our rooftops or gives early smell when rain hits the ground. They take a wet birth, a long fall and a drastic change. Some says "rain is a cancelled day" but there's no better movement to wash away the past.

When we sense joyful then Indra gives us band of colours every colour indicates a sign relating to our life's events. Red indicates vibrancy, Orange indicates creativity, Green indicates nature and many more. It bridges gap in the sky similarly Rainbow dreams indicates the bridges in relationships says that "world is vacant without colours".

The day light always shines above the Clouds. Strive to hurl its rays on the ground likewise parents gives us an opportunity to heal ourselves. Loving their children has transformed them: made them more patient, more compassionate, more selfless. Loving our children helps us to heal those unloved places inside