The Dream Achiever


I don’t even know how to start. It was like a dream and I am happy that the dream comes true. I like football, music and cinema from my childhood. There is a cultural environment in my home. My father, uncle , aunt and all my family members are very fond of singing. In every family occasion we play the recordings of Golden Era Songs.Football was the another hot topic. Three famous topics of a Bengali, song, cinema and football were hugely discussed in our homely adda. So I also liked these things from my childhood. As I have grown up, I knew slowly about the wonderful world of cinema and melody. I had to join office job after completion of my study in spite. The hidden dream remained inside me to join that world. That dream kept me inspired to do something of my choice which will also be something great for my family, friends and also for the society. As cinema and sports were my favourite I thought to walk on that direction. I decided my path. After returning from monotonous office job I used to spend time with my school friends. That chitchat turned into source of my work. We are three school friends. Our interests may differ but our hearts sing in the same tune. Now a days short films are in trend due to the famous websites. They are in high demand among people because of their short time span and good content. So watching short film became my habit.  One day my friends told me to organize a film festival. Initially I was confused but after long discussions for day in and day out , we decided firmly to organise “Kolkata International Short Film and Photography Festival”. It was not only the submission of short films for participants but also watching their own creation on big screen.The films of different countries, different languages, different expressions. It must be like a carnival of cinema lover. We started our journey on 15th January,19. It was like a journey to the moon for us. Firstly we prepared our “to do list”. Then tried hard to achieve it. 

We fixed our program date. Each month was challenging as we were coming closer to our scheduled date. We took huge workloads to find out our sponsors, promote our festival, collect advertisements etc. We had to decide our jury members, approached and finalized them.We were progressing step by step to achieve our goal and we knew that we could do it.We wanted to surprise everyone on 1st September, 19 was our program date.For the 8 hours program the hall was tightly packed with our participants, friends and relatives. Everyone was highly entertained and came out of the hall & appreciate. We crossed the ocean of challenges with our dedication and will power.It was like a moment of the lifetime.
We shall arrange it again for next year. We know that everything is achievable with dedication and hard work.