"I thought you were. "

By: Tanishq kevlani

Once upon a time in Shimla, in winter season, chilling evening. Chordas enters Mr. Harisingh's house, who was a professional dramatist. As Chords was also a dramatist and was wearing a theif's costume. And police ran after him and so he entered Mr. Harisingh's house.,who was practicing a role of police. And then the conversation between them begins:

Chordas:Hhhhh..I'm  safe here. 

Mr. Harisingh:How dare you entered my house and you are a theif's. 

Chordas:How can you judge that. 

Mr. Harisingh:As I am a police officer. 

Chordas: Ohhhhh! are you a police officer. 

Mr. Harisingh:Yes I'm any kind of doubt?

(Chordas takes a knife from his pocket) 

Mr. Harisingh:O! Please don't do anything to me. 

Chordas :Sir please don't do anything to me. 

(Police came in house of Mr Harisingh.)

Mr Harisingh:Hey how do you enter my house, I' m a police inspector. 

(Harisingh behaved like a police inspector) 

Police officer:Sir we are sorry to enter your house. 

Mr. Harisingh:Ok move out, I'll handle this theif.    (police officers  moves out of the house) 

Chordas :I'm sorry sir I'm going out. 

Mr. Harisingh:It's OK move out

(Chordas moves out) 

Mr. Harisingh(In mind) :Oh! Now I'm safe. 

Chordas (in mind) :Oh! I'm safe from him. But why then he was feared from me?