The midnight luster

By: Tanishq kevlani

"I was sleeping in a dark room of my house, as the lights were off. It was dark outside and it was very late. 

I was in my night dreams. Suddenly a nightmare came. I saw a police officer with weird face and laughing. Suddenly I opened my eyes and I was very scared. 

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and to take a shower so that my mind gets distracted. 

Suddenly some sound came of laughter from outside, I was very scared as it was late night and who will be there. 

I went to see with my heart beat increasing as the laughter was coming nearer. Then what I saw was terrified me, I saw what a bright figure which then disappeared in the darkness. 

I thought that it might be a theif who is trying to rob my house with his new strategy."

So, I have come to you police sir. Police officer said that," he was the figure who was  shining." 

I was freezed like Siberian Ice. And then the police officer turned his face weirdly like the nightmare

After this I opened my eyes for shining clear morning who was waiting for me to wake up from my bed.