Madam Will Always Come-Part 1

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

In the sacred book Gita, it has been said that God is a worshipper’s constant companion. We often feel when things do not go in our favour that God is not with us. But this is wrong. God is always with us. When someone is insulting us, we should always feel that God is watching. Whatever we do, wherever we are going, whatever behaviour we are getting, God is always watching. If anybody has faith in God, God never leaves that person. Only some patience and understanding is required to realise this. Of course this realisation is a balm to calm our restless souls. With this note let the story start...............................................

God was watching.

Aparna could envision Madam, her guardian angel dressed in the beautiful red saree she had presented respectfully on Teacher’s Day. She was awe-struck by Madam’s ethereal beauty and doe-like gaze brimming with love, kindness and compassion.

She sat on her little tool. Madam started teaching her. Madam was so cute, Madam’s voice was so sweet............Aparna started crying.........................

God was watching.

It was her 8th birthday. Madam had come in the previous three birthdays. This time Madam would not come. Her Madam had been dismissed by her evil mother and grandfather. Her Madam was the person who had loved her the most.

Aparna wept.

God was watching.

One memory after the other became alive as a fleeting series of paintings.

She previously had an art teacher who indulged most of the time of the class in doing Whats App. The teacher had the habit of hitting students. Her mother also hit her. She was a sweet loving child who had developed the fearful notion that children were meant to be hit and scolded by elders all the time. What children felt was immaterial to adults.

But the spring on the year of her 5th birthday had a beautiful surprise in reserve- a new private tutor, a sweet and loving Madam.

On the very first day, she was overjoyed. ‘’You are my kind Madam.”

Madam smiled. Aparna felt very comfortable.

The child began to be influenced by Madam’s good upbringing and beautiful childhood.

Ma was incapable and bullied the child. Ma suffered from low self-esteem and self-control and was gluttonous, stupid and jealous. Madam was diametrically opposite of Ma.  Ma always tried to interfere in the class to create some disturbance. Madam handled Ma tactfully.

Ma entered one day with a hanger in her hand. Aparna’s face became pale. Ma smiled at Madam – a sinister smile and said, “I hit her with a hanger.”Ma knew that Madam was kind and would not like it. Madam remained silent. She knew that if she raised her voice, the mother would dismiss her. Madam ignored her and continued with her class. Ma left.

One day, in the beginning of the class, she came in and said, ‘’Aparna is such a stupid child. See, she can’t even say what time it is when she sees the clock .”

Madam said, “In the beginning of the class, do not tell negative things about my student. I do not like this. And do not exaggerate your complaint. She just needs some guidance. It is difficult for a child to understand a clock. I will try to explain to her simply and her sense will take some time to develop. I think you must have some patience and wait.” Ma left. She did not have any patience. Her low patience level did not allow her to explain and teach a child.