Madam Will Always Come-Part 3

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Her grandfather could not handle his son as a child and had sent him to several co-curricular classes just to get rid of his company. Ma was also of a similar mindset. Ma sent Aparna to several classes for three reasons-

Ma wanted to get rid of Aparna’s company as far as possible as she could not manage and entertain a child.

Ma could not decide exactly which class was fit for Aparna. Poor decision makers go for so much and so many, for quantity and not quality. They want to become all-rounders, but cannot assimilate anything properly.

Ma could compete with other mothers and boast that she sent her daughter to so many classes.

Aparna was becoming overworked and overburdened- her drawing deteriorated, she started to suffer from attention deficit. Her Ma enjoyed this very much and whenever Aparna could not do anything properly, Ma scolded, taunted or bullied her.

One day Aparna complained to Madam, ‘’ Madam, I am overworked. Always I am sent to classes. I do not get any rest.’’

Ma overheard the conversation and came running to Madam. ‘’ No, actually nowadays, children have to excel in so many other areas apart from academics. I was thinking that I would admit her in gymnastics as well.’’

Madam added,’’ You are confused. I think you are doing more harm to your child than good. You always tell that her drawing is becoming bad. Don’t admit her in gymnastics. I feel out of so many classes you send her, recitation is best-suited for her. And next time you come and complain about her drawing, I will blame you for sending her to so many classes. There is no problem in my teaching, you see.’’

Aparna’s drawing improved. She started protesting when Ma or her grandfather tried to admit her or take her to so many classes.

Her grandfather felt inferior as he could not match Madam’s intelligence in handling his grand-daughter- he realised that his grand-daughter was becoming very intelligent and had started looking down on all of them. He was no longer being able to impose his wrong-doings and bad habits on his grandchild.

Aparna’s grandfather liked to have a stupid daughter-in-law so that he could exert his authority. Innocent children say a lot of things to elders and he was afraid that the child told a lot to Madam about their wrong-doings.

Her mother and grandfather felt insecure. Insecure people behave rudely.

Aparna recalled the unpleasant dismissal of Madam after her 7th birthday.........Aparna did not want to think about it........

One day Madam became angry on her for not listening and scolded her. Aparna cried. Later, Madam said sorry. One day Madam came late and asked Aparna to scold her. Aparna was very touched. She kissed Madam. Madam admitted,`` I have two faults- sometimes I make careless mistakes and sometimes I get angry.’’ A few days before Madam’s dismissal, Aparna said in one class,`` Madam, it is very tough to decide. You are very intelligent.’’

Madam smiled, `` Maybe, but as a human, I also have faults.’’ Madam repeated what she had said earlier, `` I have two faults- sometimes I make careless mistakes and sometimes I get angry.’’ Madam reached out for her glass of water, and suddenly the glass tipped on the table. The glass was made of pure glass, and a very minute portion had broken. Madam smiled and said, ``You see, I was careless.’’ Aparna said, `` You just said you make careless mistakes and made one.’’