The best Sister in my life

By: A.Bharathi

The best sister in my life
All that God gives is best in our life. Each will be unique. And no one can separate what God has given us. Likewise our relationship, which is given by God. No one can separate us. Even though we were in the same place for two years, we were not given the opportunity to speak. Separation is natural and no one can stop it. When separation came up, I didn't even think we'd talk again. By God grace, I got your number. That all also got by many struggles. Although never spoken, some understanding always between us. I well known about your character. 
As far as i know about you, you never hesitate or hurt nobody. That's why you are liked by me, not only me. But also by everyone. One of my favorite things about you is your cute smile. I have a little bit doubt about Whenever I come to chapel, Everything you talk in the mike which appears that would be like telling me. Otherwise, did you usually just talk in common? Why ask you about this mean, still it is like question in my mind. But I know well about one thing that when all are dancing for action song. I am the only person who stands like a statue. When the next second, the words came from your mouth that all must be dance like that. Sometimes, you say like, "Some people don't understand how much time telling". When the moment I can understand that you are talking about me 😆😆. But, anyway I liked that very much and missing those lovely moments with you. Now I can say proudly that you are my elder sister. And No one can argue with me for I am your younger sister. As a sister, I liked you so much. On the day, you gave me the verse board in my hand. When I feel so happy. I don't know how to express that. Truly you are the best gift in my life. I want from you that your real love. That's enough for for me. Be in touch with me often. And I am so very glad about you and very proud that you are a good part in my life. I hope our relationship will extend forever. You are my forever loving sister. I never forget you in my life. Have a blissful and prosperous year now and for ever, my dear sister. Go ahead with more success and happiness. I liked your prayer. And also I miss your prayers.... Be like an ideal to others.... My dear Jenifa sister, you are a best sister, I ever met. And you are the perfect and precious gift from God to me 💫💫💫 I hope that you never forget me in your life. God bless you abundantly, Jesus will never leaves you nor forsake you....