More than a dream........

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

She waited for him expectantly, and believed that one day she would fall into his arms, never to be separated......................


Life’s path had scarred her heart, but the pain had made her stronger and chiselled her features more beautifully.


She had a dream......The dream was more than a dream...........................


It was a cold winter evening.


After a long time she decided to doll herself up.  She wore a bright yellow blouse and a black flowing skirt with floral embroidery and small round mirrors reflecting the dancing beams of light. The elastic waistband of the skirt caressed her slender waist. She wore silver anklets and felt like dancing. She did some graceful turns in front of the mirror. Her face with sharp yet dreamy eyes, un-plucked yet shapely eyebrows, well-sculpted nose, cute forehead and lovely red lips was sweet, pleasant and cool. With the soft touch of a smooth fine brush she applied eyeliner. She moistened her full-blooded lips with a lip gel.


She looked at her reflection in the mirror, and felt that for a long time, she had not looked so lovely.


He was whispering, `` I am coming. Wait, dear, wait.’’


There was a special liveliness in her demeanour as she waited.


She was in a state of stupor. She had her dinner and waited. Nobody came.


She climbed the little staircase and entered her room, her heart thumping heavily. Her pulses throbbed and her heart beat faster as her passions became more intense with the passage of time.


Was he coming?


Her outward calm was a complete contrast to the underlying turbulent emotional under-current.


The night was very cold. The sky was clear, draped in beautiful mystical shades of blue, set ablaze with the silver flame of the glittering stars and planets and the moonbeams of the glittering moon.


Suddenly she heard a beautiful melody. She turned around. There he was standing at the foot of the staircase with his arms open to embrace her.


She felt like screaming, but as he climbed the stairs, she somehow fainted and fell into his arms.

When she regained consciousness, she saw his face. The windows in her room were open. She was gasping for some fresh air. The cold wind did not chill her, but soothed her nerves and she revived.


She saw him standing in front of an open window, looking into her eyes. How romantic was his gaze!


The wind played with his hair. The moon shone on his face. He appeared so irresistibly charming!


She came near him, and started to trace the outline of his face with her delicate fingers........his hands now encircled her waist...........


She gently wiped the tears in his eyes. He smiled. She also smiled, and looked at him intently through the watery film of her tearful eyes.


Her lips touched his.....................they kissed.


She heard him say, `` Maybe we are not blessed with marital bliss. But deep down in our hearts, we love each other. Whenever you will think of me, you will feel me...............whenever I will think of you I will feel you...................this magical realism will be a secret between both of us..................don’t cry, just feel me.......then you will hear will see me......I am always with you are always with me.’’