The Incomplete Lady-Part III

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

She always overdid things, but felt sick later.

For example, she had walked so much when she visited Egypt that she came back with very sore thigh and calf muscles.

She drank many cups of cheap quality black tea so that she does not feel ``boring’’, even though the ulcer in her stomach created pain. Could she not opt for a better alternative or change her ways? What kind of sick love she was so proud to exhibit? Did she not have any sanity? She would say she would go on eating sweets, let her sugar level rise as much as possible. Had she not got anything to eat in her previous births? Didn’t she feel uncomfortable, stuffy? Yes, she did, but she was a Rakshashi, or a witch? Not everybody is a Rakshashi or a witch. Only Rakshashis or witches with characteristic genes and astrological planetary influences would understand her constitution.

She was very whimsical having frequent mood fluctuations.

She would hire and fire. Some people left her, some people were dismissed for no reason.

She did not like intelligent, calm, sensible people in her office for a long time. She felt that following their example the office culture would change and it would become more evident to others that she was ``mad’’ and `` a nut.’’

She often taught her son, her most trusted spineless puppet and few meek helpless employees who did whatever she said to tell lies and bully her targets while she acted very nice and just. She intimidated them that if they did not do as told, she would do this and do that.

She taught her ``puppet’’ son to falsely accuse and fire a calm, gentle, firm-willed, talented employee because the lady could speak up using  sweet behaviour and sweet words as her weapon, and the lady was not gluttonous and did not have her flaws. Day by day, the sight of the lady became unbearable to her.

``Why are you not obsessed? Why are you so calm?’’ she wondered.  

``Why dont’ you eat, I mean overeat? Well, any time is tea-time.’’

The lady had replied, `` It is very important for me to feel comfortable from inside. And another thing, the after –effect of what I do is very important to has to be nice. .....whatever I do. I eat as much I feel comfortable, and I eat when I feel like eating, and what I feel like eating. It is very important for me to digest my food. If I can’t eat now, I will eat later.’’

Oh! The glutton that she was, always choking herself with food and drinks, good or bad, to suppress that horrible feeling of something always eating herself up from within!

After-effect? Whatever she did the after-effect was ruinous, horrible! The more she saw the lady, the more she started to hate herself.

The lady had such a beautiful in-built mechanism of self-regulation. She was so smart, disciplined, and sure of what she was doing. Most importantly, she knew what to choose, when to start, when to stop. She could tolerate so much bullying smilingly and still firmly stick to her resolve. The lady’s body was not a depot of diseases. The lady truly had self-love and self-respect, and her office staff, though initially resistant, started to adopt the ways and means of the lady and also speak up.