The Incomplete Lady-Part IV

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

 The very sight of the lady made her feel very ashamed of herself, and also afraid..............afraid of what reply the lady would give if she tried to interfere, provoke or bully her. She understood that the lady had her own voice, could sense her bad intentions and could intelligently make her down in front of others.

The lady was very mature. It seemed that the lady was the Madam of the office. The office culture was changing.

She had a serious operation. After her release, she would not be able to eat as she did............she would look sickly...........she did not want to face the lady....................she taught her son to dismiss the lady on false grounds before her release.

The lady had said to her son, `` Thanks for making the beginning of a new chapter in my life possible. I think I deserve better. I do not fit in such a sick environment .’’

Her son had said,`` It is better if you start an institute of your own with gentle and calm people.’’

The lady had demanded a proper designation letter. Her son had got scared and said, `` I do not have the instruction.’’

 She could not give any legal document as proof of the dismissal. She was too afraid. ..............

Deep in her heart, she loved and admired the lady. How she wanted to be calm and composed and happy like the lady she had dismissed! How she longed to acquire the balanced mentality of the lady. Was it too late for her to change herself for the better and begin a new chapter in her life? Was it too late?