Revenge of Nature

By: Yatanaa


In the day's to be, we shall seek, 
Of what we hath in store,
For of these things I reached the core. 

What is this Corona? 
I asked and asked ,and asked and asked, 
But got the same rejoinder, 
It is a virus, a disaster or a pandemic 
Said all the monsters of this life. 

But I say no, it is neither a virus, nor a disaster nor is it a  pandemic ,
It is vengeance or so I say
For nature spoke to me a day, 
"I will not sanction this anymore ",was what she uttered that day. 

There is only one cure for this, 
To love our mother and abide by her beauties, 
To do a good by helping her, 
And stopping others from threatening her 
For all she said some days ago was that she wished to live evermore!