By: Mousumi Biswas

The light turned red . Mala stopped her new  car behind a red one . Soon there was a huge traffic jam . This had become a regular feature   at 9 o clock at this very crossing . Already she had been warned by her boss for reaching office late quite a few times . No amount of reasoning could pacify him . 
     She kept looking at the traffic outside from the window of her Car . The AC in the car was a saving grace from the sweltering heat outside . 
        The traffic seemed to be moving at a snail's speed . To make matters worse the impatient honking behind her irritated her .
       Atlast after 45 minutes of being stuck up, the jam cleared . She signed and then went to her boss's room . "May I come in, Sir" . There was no reply . 
" Sir has sent a message . He is stuck up in the jam  " .Mala gave a bemused smile and went to her cabin.