By: Priyanka Basu

        The rain has stopped a while ago.  Rain drops on the window – pane in Maya’s room is glittering with the sunlight , just as her eyes , which are sparkling as she sees her daughter playing in the cradle. 

       Staring out the window Maya remembers the day when an American couple came to her for the renting of her womb. She was then living alone expelled from her husband’s house. Maya went to many doctors but all have declared that ‘ You could not have a child’. But that was not her fault , her husband had no potentiality to become a father. But she is a woman , after all, she had to sacrifice her rights of a wife , as her husband said , ‘ I’ll marry another woman, she will bear me a child , shame on you!’ 

     After that she never tried to return to her husband. She could not return to her brothers to become a burden on them. A single woman she had no idea how to survive . Suddenly one day the American couple arrived in her one-room house of  a overcrowded basti where she was living in rent and working as a cleaner in a hospital. The couple wanted to rent her womb with huge amount of money. Maya said’ I accept your offer’. She carried the baby of the American couple for nine months in her womb and delivered the child in a hospital with the amount paid by the foreigners. But they have left her with the baby as the baby was a girl, not a boy. Every person of this world has left Maya alone but the child stayed with her. As the baby is playing , Maya smiles and says to God ‘ I accept your offer’.