By: Naushin

I came to an untidy house
But a home with full of emotions
I was to be added in their dishes
That's what I was born for!
Here I came as a quintessential guy
I was peeled off,
That hurt like a hell dude!
My grandpa who lived deep into the sand,
Told me stories of our ancestors,
He narrated me how we make the humans cry,
For ages, we made them weep, till now.
They cut us, not that I am blaming, it's my job.
Oh! Where was I? Yeah, that hurt.
My skin was peeled completely
I was washed.
Everything became blank to me thereafter.

I was peeled from his body
My sisters, brothers, and me,
We all were the skin of him,
We were taken to the high cast
No offence I am not much of a cast person
But he was tall, beautiful,
My grandpa says plants taller and bigger than us, 
They were from the high cast, good ones though
We had no idea why we were in front of the high cast
Suddenly the human spilt us around the tall plant's roots
Then it clicked we were being used as food for his family 
It rained, summer passed, spring was blossoming, autumn commenced, 
My brother and sisters went deeper into the sand as food, 
I became withered of losing my pink colour. 
A wind aroused, making me fly with it, 
I was caught in a cobweb, alone and abandoned.