Rain ! Can You Hear Me ?

By: Priyanka Basu

       The rain has stopped a while ago. The window in Tara’s room is cramped just as the room. Wafts of the rain – cooled breeze are blowing in , rustling her uncombed hair , ruffling the pages of the bunch of prescriptions which are there on her bedside. Staring out the window , she is only struggling to remember the person who came to meet with her , perhaps a while or a long ago. Nowadays she cannot remember the time. The wind howls outside. She is trying hard to recollect the face of that person. His face is different from the doctor , the nurse , from everybody around her. There is something in his face which soothed her eyes. Suddenly , she feels a pain in her mind and a number of voices urging her to kill the nurse. The voices rasp and crackle and order her to decapitate the nurse , suffocate her , drive the needle into her neck and release air to create an embolism. She has no knowledge about what an air embolism is but the multiple voices tell her how to give her one. The monotonous depressing rain increases the dullness of the room. The nurse shows an ID to Tara , with a serious face having olive skin and black shoulder – length hair. The colour seems to match, but she is totally unknown about the woman on the plastic ID card. She suddenly feels the voices again rasp within her head and she feels that the rain outside can make enough water in the hospital room sink to drown the nurse. The person with beard suddenly arrives. The man utters he has completed all the formalities necessary for releasing his patient.
       The hospital discharged their patient with the bearded man. Rain revives memories of loss. The man and Tara catches a taxi. To avoid getting lost amongst the relentless series of beeps from his social media accounts , the man concentrates on Tara. He gently hold her hands.
      One afternoon there was this norwester , blackening the sky and sending the people looking for cover from the cyclone dust and little icy raindrops. In the midst of this chaos , a girl came running for shelter in the common room of his college. That day he first saw her. He was captivated by her voice , though not love at first sight , but he was mesmerised when she was singing in the college fest. Which song was she singing? The song was a Bengali song ‘ ,a song that comments about the beautiful creation of nature in rain , a song that was relevant for that July of six years ago. Songs are as meaningful as the lighthouse to the wandering ships. Although Tara has never showed any violence in their college days. But after their marriage she started hearing voices of commanding auditory hallucinations . Doctors analysed this as the first stage of schizophrenia, result of her traumatic childhood with the aggressive behaviour of her father. The taxi runs behind the backs of the houses , crossed a street of blinding windscreens. Suddenly , the beard - man , Tara’s husband feels that there is hope everything has not finished. The clouds are looking like the airy anvils drifting under the gleaming disc of sun. The sun poured out its brilliant yellows on the face of Tara. The wind blows in , the hair rustles , he takes a selfie with his wife and uploads it on social media with caption #OurWayToCollegeRecapturingTheDaysOfCollegeLife.