Lovely Rakshashis and Witches- Part IV

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Ruma Rakshashi was hell-bent to find some kind of obsession in Fairy Conscience-Fairy Conscience used to ask questions about English grammar- she was not a know-it-all. She was new at work, and liked to clear her doubts- there was nothing wrong in it. Only fools know everything, or rather pretend to know everything, and many adults pretend to know or pretend to understand, though it is smart to admit and clarify what you don’t know or don’t understand.

Ruma Rakshashi said, `` Fairy Conscience, you also have an obsession. English grammar is your obsession.’’

How mean! She had an obsession, and others had to have an obsession!


One day Keya Rakshashi lamented, `` Why did God give us the tongue? It would have been much better if we had no tongue.’’


They did not have proper meals, neither a proper lunch. To them proper meal was something like 3 packets of Kurkure(for Roshni Rakshashi).  They  ate even when they were not hungry. Whenever they saw food, good or bad, they ate. One Rakshashi often bought stale muri and chanachur in a small tiffin box. Did she not have gas and feel uncomfortable?


They often asked Fairy Conscience, `` Why don’t you eat? Come on, come on, tell me, why are you not obsessed? Fairy Conscience, you should eat, otherwise you are missing out on something.’’

Fairy Conscience said, ``Why, I am eating.’’

Roshni Rakshashi and Ruma Rakshashi smiled, whispering,`` Not eat-overeat.’’

Fairy Conscience replied, ``It is very important for me to feel comfortable from inside. I have eaten as much as I could. And a proper digestion and nicee after-effect is very important to me. ‘’

Ruma Rakshashi organised food parties. Her strange goblin-like son, the bald-headed Pappu, sat and observed everybody on such occasions. Fairy Conscience ate a reasonable amount and stopped.

Ruma Rakshashi exclaimed, ``Only this much? Why don’t you eat?’’She went on clumsily devouring the food.

Fairy Conscience stared at her, perplexed.

Roshni Rakshashi added, ``I mean, overeat?’’

Fairy Conscience said, ``My stomach is comfortably full. I would like to stop. Why don’t you people continue.’’

Ruma Rakshashi asked, ``Why do you eat so slowly?’’

Fairy Conscience said, `` Well, my parents also eat like this, slowly and relish the taste.’’

There were many phuchkas left. Ruma Rakshashi made an ugly face and with a lot of disrespect towards Fairy Conscience’s parents and said, ``What is slow eating and relish? I do not understand.’’

Sonali Rakshashi confessed, ``Our stomachs are full, but still we are eating’’ with a big ice-cream cone clumsily held on the hand.

They could not decide what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. They took 2-3 days to decide for a feast, ended up bringing many food items and overate. After feasting there was usually lots of leftover food which were transferred inside a fridge. Often the food remained inside for months.

They always said, `` We love to eat. We love food.” But, in the name of loving food, they abused food.

They honestly confessed, ``We can’t understand what to eat and when.”

One day Keya Rakshashi arrived with a stomach upset. She had had loose motion quite a number of times. That day Rajni and Viki Rakshashi had prepared  parathas  with ghee. Keya Rakshashi sat with the resolve that she would not eat, but being egged by Roshni Rakshashi, she could not control and just reached out her hand, snatched a paratha and very clumsily put it inside her mouth. If one could just have seen the greed in her eyes!