Lovely Rakshashis and Witches- Part V

By: Tania Bhattacharyya


They were not perfectionists in English grammar and often did mistakes. But if they detected any mistake of Fairy Conscience, they tried to magnify it manifold –they got a delight in doing so, because Fairy Conscience was not succumbing to peer pressure and adopting their bad habits.

One day when Fairy Conscience went to ask in the staffroom whether a particular question should be marked out of 10 or 7, Keya Rakshashi jeered and replied, `` Why? You have been working for so many years. You do not know?’’ and bared her ugly teeth.

Fairy Conscience saw that the same mistake was repeated later by Keya Rakshashi and another Rakshashi as well.

One day Fairy Conscience wore a blue raincoat. It was raining heavily outside.

``Why, you have worn  a raincoat? Let’s see.’’ Fairy Conscience became an object of ridicule.

Ranjani Rakshashi exclaimed, ``Look! She is so smart she is wearing a raincoat.’’

Rajni Rakshashi was very unsmart. One day she came totally drenched in the rain and her outfit was wet. It was certainly so clumsy to come to work in a wet dress! She giggled if others wore raincoat. How silly she was!

One day Viki Rakshashi had an infection(cough and cold).

Keya Rakshashi smiled and said, ``Maine to Viki ko diya hai re” and coughed without covering her mouth with her elbow or hand.

Fairy Conscience said, `` Why don’t you cover your mouth and cough?’’

``Ok,Ok’’, said Keya Rakshashi. If she had some feeling of shame!

One day it was very cold and Fairy Conscience wore a winter hat. The place where she was sitting was very cold.

Ruma Rakshashi asked Fairy Conscience in a taunting way, ``Is it so cold that you have to wear a hat?’’

Fairy Conscience did not like this remark. Fairy Conscience thought, ``What was her business if I am wearing a hat?’’ Fairy Conscience got a little angry. Well, Ruma Rakshashi had not spent money to buy this hat for her. Fairy Conscience said, `` Well Madam, it is very cold. You can’t understand. You cough so badly while taking class everyday.’’


Ruma Rakshashi coughed many times while taking class without covering her mouth- the sound of the cough was terrible like thunder. Ruma Rakshashi was getting very angry, but was touched by Fairy Conscience’s sweet voice, ``Madam, you suffer a lot.’’

Ruma Rakshashi said, ``I have become used to it.’’

Few days later, Ruma Rakshashi said that she had developed rectal lapse/fistula due to chronic coughing- it was very painful for her to sit.

On a hot summer day, even after eating chilled ice-cream and chilled water from the fridge, Keya Rakshashi went on complaining, ``It is so hot.’’

``How could one exist without having ice-cream on such a hot day?’’

Fairy Conscience was cool from inside, she was allergic to artificially chilled food products and water and did not prefer to have ice-cream. She bought chopped water melons and plain yoghurt in tiffin, and sat absolutely calm. She drank plain water.

Pappu Sir observed the contrast and said, ``Keya, the ice-cream is cold, the water is also cold. You are not cool from inside.’’

Rajni Rakshashi said, ``To us hot or cold does not make any difference.’’

Debjani Rakshashi was affected by cancer and severe diabetes. She had diabetic foot. But still she could not control her mouth and craving for sweets. Pity on her, the poor glutton!


One day Keya Rakshashi asked Ruma Rakshashi, `` Mam, we are incorrigible. What use of we are to you?’’

Ruma Rakshashi answered, `` You people light up my life.’’