An open letter to all those who matter to me

By: Mousumi Biswas


        Subject   _             AN OPEN LETTER  OF GRATITUDE                           

 28 August 2020


Dear All

       As the sunlight creeps through my window each fresh day

It reminds me to send a note of gratitude your way

Thank you for a family so supportive and caring

And friends who are helpful and loving

Hats off to all our silent warriors

As they are our silent saviours

Thank you Dear God , for all the good things in life

And for showing me that after every storm and strife

There is a pretty rainbow in sight

             Dear God !  Each day when  I open my eyes to the beauty of your  wonderful  creation , I thank you from the core of my heart . Everyday  , you give me another opportunity to enjoy the sweet chirping of the birds , a pretty rainbow after the rains and  the first rays of the sun .Without you I wouldn’t have been able to wade through all the low phases trials and tribulations in life .

            Without your blessings , love , affection and care , my dear loving parents ,I wouldn’t have been the person I am today .   You were my first teacher and guide . Now , you are gone forever , but you have left behind  beautiful  memories which can never be erased   .  . I am thankful to God  that I was born your daughter . You were an epitome of sacrifice , protection ,  and unconditional love .   

When I wanted a healing hand and wished to be loved and appreciated, my dear parents , family and  friends ,you were always by my side   . Whenever  I  felt  low , lonely or ugly , you were there to  cheer  me up and make me feel beautiful and cherished . 

I would   like to dedicate this letter to all my teachers , who have  played a vital role in  moulding and shaping me  up  and making me what I am today.. p


All my teachers , formal or informal , have motivated me to dream , aspire and grow . You all have  held  my hand and taught me to walk , eat, read, write . You have always motivated me to walk with dignity and speak out what is right .  I will always be indebted to you all for imparting in  me  the values  of hard work, courage, perseverance and confidence . 


A grand  salute to the  brave Indian soldiers at the border  and the frontline covid warriors  . You have all sacrificed your comforts , happiness and even lives so that we can breathe in peace .   Even   at the time of crisis , the call of  duty  for your nation and humanity  is more  important to you  than your aged parents ,  family and children  .  


 Though  you  may have  broken  my   backbone by your  sudden unannounced paid leaves or due to the curfew  , my dear house helps , you  are an integral part of my life . Through this letter I would like to show my gratitude to you all  who have been working in my house for over the years . You  may have broken a glass or two or forgotten to add salt in the curry . Yet , I thank you for cleaning the house , washing the car and  pruning the plants. For me you are no less than the covid warriors .    

You all are in my heart, loved and needed .

Thank you once again .

With love