Lovely Rakshashis and Witches- Part VI

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Ranjani Rakshashi, an alcoholic, asked, `` Well, Fairy Conscience, you do not like any drink?’’

Fairy Conscience smiled and said, `` Well yes. I like the Blue Lagoon drink prepared in Kwality Restaurant Bar, Ballygunge. You know, Blue Lagoon always features at the top of the Special menu list there and is non-alcoholic as well. I occasionally go and enjoy.’’

Ranjani Rakshashi made a face and said, ``You don’t go to restaurants other than Kwality?’’ It was always her nature to belittle and bully.

Fairy Conscience occasionally indulged in delicacies. One day when Fairy Conscience said that she had enjoyed a chocolate cake, Ranjani Rakshashi said, ``Hope you go to that shop more often.’’

On one food party occasion celebrating the birthday of Christina Rakshashi and Roshni Rakshashi, biryani had been ordered. The biryani that arrived was so heavy that everybody was having a problem to eat it. Even Roshni Rakshashi, who bullied Fairy Conscience by saying, ``Fairy Conscience, you should eat!’’ could not. Even Rajni Rakshashi could not.

The previous day, Fairy Conscience had said that she would cook her version of biryani for the occasion. Fairy Conscience always liked to improvise. Roshni Rakshashi had consented.

Ruma Rakshashi was emitting ``Choya dhekur’’ after having heavy and oily ``Phoolkopi’’ preparation in the morning. But she could not resist.........She instructed everybody to have the heavy biryani and Fairy Conscience to have her version. Fairy Conscience was not allowed to give her version to anybody. Her version was light and soft and she relished the tender meat preparation which was not overloaded with spices.

Ruma Rakshashi said, ``This is not biryani. This is pulao. Why have you used haldi powder?’’

Later, a friend of Fairy Conscience acquainted with many languages and cultures told her after tasting her biryani that it was similar to the Arabian style. In the Arabian style, haldi powder is used and a Kashmiri man had prepared biryani for him which was similar in taste but was mild and not terribly spicy as made in many places in Kolkata cities. Fairy Conscience had used gobindobhog rice to bring a Bengali flavour. Pure basmati rice was very heavy and she did not like it. Fairy Conscience had used chicken of very good quality and there was a potato.

Ruma Rakshashi said, `` You have your pulao. We will not have it.’’

The others could not eat, but Fairy Conscience relished.

Pappu Sir observed and felt a little ashamed by his mother’s behaviour. He admitted , ``Usully biryani is made very heavily, and such greasy preparations are served in stations.’’

Christina Rakshashi could not eat the biryani and longingly gazed at Fairy Conscience’s preparation. But as Ruma Rakshashi had forbidden, she could not say anything.

Ranjani Rakshashi belittled Fairy Conscience, ``Oh! You mixed some leftover chicken curry with rice.’’

The cake they gave was just out from the fridge. Fairy Conscience was allergic to cold and said she would have it later.

The ugly and clumsy Ruma Rakshashi asked Fairy Conscience, `` The elders gave you biryani and cake. You did not eat?’’

Fairy Conscience said, ``Sorry. Thank you. I did not feel like eating Madam. Please don’t mind.’’

The silly fat-headed Ranjani Rakshashi said, ``Fairy Conscience, even if you did not have the biryani, you have to pay as it was meant for all of us’’ and cackled.

Ranjani Rakshashi belittled Fairy Conscience when she said that she had bought one mauve saree for Naboborsho. ``Why, only one?’’

Debjani Rakshashi admitted, ``You don’t know, we have so many, so many sarees, it is so difficult to manage.’’