"First day of my school."

By: vaishnavi

I remembered the first day of step in the school. I thought myself that ' i am a fool.' While crying i went to the praying ground but who could understand my heart's wound. I entered in my classroom having ventilated surrounding, but who knows that my mind was still wandering. When i saw my teacher as a godsent, but forget that i was a defendant.

When i got chicken out to do any activity as it seemed like it was all icky.I freaked out when my teacher called my name as i wanted to get rid from teacher's aim. It was a kind of an uphil battle to spend a whole day because i was not abled to handle that outweigh. Laterly i found my eyes glimmering when the last bell rung like bitching.

I sat at the window of my bus like an impudent. Now i started behaving like a student. When i saw my grandfather at the bus stop, my loving words for him was shooting out. When he grabbed me in his hands, i had not left him until the end. I took a long breathe when i saw my family member and i found myself in a good chamber.

                                                                                                                       - Vaishnavi.