My funny experience in diary

By: A.Bharathi

My unforgettable memories

Usually I don’t talk to anyone that easily. But, I would speak well if it seemed necessary to speak to someone. If I have to say that I talked like that, I can say that while my traveling with stangers or with my friends. But I will only speak if I have the will. I have another habit as well. I will record all the happenings in my diary at the end of the day, about who I met. This continued as my routine for several days. I have recorded many of the stuffs in my diary. Now I am very eager to mention some of my favorite things in it. I have stayed at the hostel and studied my undergraduate degree. I was only allowed to leave the hostel at my house once a month. I have met and talked to so many people during my travels. I have seen so many human beings. Similarly I will only speak to those who seem to be good to look at.
One day I was traveling alone on a train. Someone came. He begged me. No one was sitting with me. In fear I also said that I did not have money.
He gave me a coin that was on his plate before I could finish saying. I was quiet and sat. But he left it near me the coin and said God bless your studies and he left. I was only scared. Then I told everything to my mother. And she scolded me for kept a coin with me and told me to throw it away. Then I threw it away. And I told the thing to my friends. But they mocked me a lot. Whenever I remember it, seems like a funny and strange one. Because I never heard like those things anymore.