Lovely Rakshashis and Witches- Part VII

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Fairy Conscience had no problem in getting along with Ruma Rakshashi.

But with time, Ruma Rakshashi had problems because Fairy Conscience’s presence made her feel horrible about herself, made her conscious of her atrocities and shortcomings and vices.

Ruma Rakshashi and the other Rakshashis were not aware of three types of ahar as stated in Bhagavad Geeta- Satwik, Rajasik and Tamasik? Were they not trained to respect individual differences? If the majority of them were Rajashik or Tamashik, how could they expect a person preferring Satwik ahar to eat like them? Fairy Conscience never imposed her choices on them. Why would they? Why, with their uneducated uncultured minds, they would wonder why Fairy Conscience was different from them? They were just stupid ladies.

Ruma Rakshashi often called some of her students whom she considered stupid a ``Dumbo’’-``Why are you staring like that? What are you thinking so much before writing? Don’t you understand? Are you a Dumbo?’’

Did she not realise that actually she was a `` Dumbo’’? Well, people who bully others often unknowingly describe themselves with the adjectives they use to bully. And Ruma Rakshashi certainly belonged to this category.

Fairy Conscience had an ``aura’’ which she did not. Fairy Conscience was a princess and she was a witch. The other teachers were also self-proclaimed ``witches.’’ The witches admired the princess, but the presence of the princess made them feel atrocious. It was their mental problem.

Ruma Rakshashi to Fairy Conscience, or targeting Fairy Conscience-

`` Your handwriting is so nice!’’

``Why, you pronounced Anurima(name of one of her students)correctly for the very first time. Why, I could not.’’

``Why are you not like us? ..................You are intelligent. They are not as intelligent as you. If you correct like this, they will become afraid of you.’’

``Why, you can dance so well without drinking! She does not need all that. But we need.’’

(Ruma Rakshashi always dreamt of being sexy, but was not. She was a female endomorph, round-shaped with high waist, relatively short limbs, comparatively small hands and of course ugly, weird and crazy.  She loved to see the beautiful but innocent Fairy Conscience (a female mesomorph, hourglass shaped) dance in food parties after drinking some glasses of alcohol.)


``She cannot stay among us. Come , come. She is afraid of us. Come to me, don’t be afraid.’’

``You can go and sit in the staffroom. There will not always be talk on food.’’

``You write good English.’’

``She is the one who works with a lot of concentration, while you people just eat and talk rubbish.’’

``You are smart .’’(Well Fairy Conscience asked Keya Rakshashi and Roshni Rakshashi to dance first after being asked to dance- ``Come on Keya di, you are very smart’’...........Keya di exclaimed,`` No, No, I am very unsmart...’’Then Ruma Rakshashi told Fairy Conscience.....``You are smart.’’)

``Come on, you are very good-looking.’’

``She is very mature.’’

``From where do you tailor your clothes? It is good, but the stitch in your underarm is not OK.’’- and what about her ill-fitted clothes? How was the stitching of the underarm region?

``I am so horrible, no! I am short , I am fat...............’’ then making a face looking at Fairy Conscience in the staffroom, ``Slim.....’’

`` We are not so interfering. If she cannot put up with us here, where can she?’’

`` You do not have ice-cream? have ice-cream that ice-cream? .............after saying so, she was almost falling down the stairs, but she quickly gathered herself...