Vaccine us (poetic story)

By: Mohammed razick

Vaccine us:

Populated dense, goin out of fence

Rhythm of life not avail to reverse

Yesterday morning granny was live

On mid night the frontline strive

Untouchability is a sin,

Finch, ‘don’t touch me is now a win’


Old spinnin’ world can’t you move this,

viral virus to another planet?

Earth: sorry I’m busy in climate changes

Oh my mask newly stitched;

Sanitizers are my outer blood without which

Life could be in ditch.


Courageous roadside Romeo’s

Are now under serious homeage

I taught distance is equal to d=st in my physics lab,

Which helps me now to get rid of death grab

Virus has character to change their shape

Please, hereafter change to negative symbol during my testing


Dozens of vaccines are under final trials

I pray to thy not to be in err.

Dosage of fluid to which scientist hunt

Will it flows like a rain to vanish this evil virus

Happy that animals gets infects not much,

doberman barks us don’t touch.


Hunger and poverty are my old guest

Still they lodge with me till I rest

My debts and loans pressures my spine

I lost all my hope of shine

I don’t know trespassers are tented

on my properties bought in foreign land,

What happened “trespassers will be prosecuted” stand


Empty theatres, haunted hotel,

Plain parks, blank beaches, still darker subways

Nights out of lights,

Day to night,

Night to night,

Darker dinners, empty stomach, 

When this will rejuvenate?

Bored on the life of loneliness

I think, world likes color of black this year


Rich decided to move mars

Fears of upcoming SARS

Bring back the before world, by this annual end

Is now on twitter trend!

On belief on every difficulty has relief

Waiting for next year to

Vaccine us vaccine us!

Don’t want virus to win us.