Lovely Rakshashis and Witches- Part VIII

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Summer had come. The Rakshashi had abstained from ice-cream for a long time, but now she had become mad. She could manage others to have ice-cream, but could not make Fairy Conscience have ice-cream.

Fairy Conscience was happy with herself. She did not have the mentality to abuse her body. She ate and did everything in such a way that the after-effect was enjoyable. She did not impose anything she did on others. Her stomach was also not connected with them – if she did not have ice-cream, it was not that the tongues and stomachs of the Rakshashis were being deprived of ice-creams. They could eat as many ice-creams they wanted. It was not that she forbid others to have ice-cream.

Ruma Rakshashi again asked Fairy Conscience,`` You do not have ice-cream?’’

Fairy Conscience smiled and said, `` No, actually the cold does not suit me. But I like to have sweets with ice-cream flavour, like ice-cream sandesh.’’

Ruma Rakshashi ridiculed Fairy Conscience, `` Is that ice-cream?’’

While saying, she was almost falling down the stairs.

Fairy Conscience exclaimed, `` Madam, take care. My God! What greed!!”

Ruma Rakshashi hurriedly scurried away. Her gait was so comical!

Their bodies had got so used to instant cooling- they wanted instant gratification, they could not just wait.  

Everyday the Rakshashis had to have chilled Buttermilk(Chaanch).

Debjani Rakshashi needed so much A.C. at home that even her husband could not lie down with her.

One day, Ruma Rakshashi made a lot of fuss about a correction made by Fairy Conscience. The ugly Christina Rakshashi mocked Fairy Conscience, ``Your parents do not speak in English?’’ Ruma Rakshashi wote in the student’s copy, ``The student has written much better English than the teacher.’’

Then she smiled at Fairy Conscience and said in a low voice, ``They are not so intelligent. They will be afraid  if you correct like this.’’

When Keya Rakshashi read the word ``Self-entertainment’’ she immediately said ,``This is wrong English.’’ Pappu Sir and Viki Rakshashi also supported her. Fairy Conscience showed the existence of the word after Googling in her phone and said, ``Yes, such a word exists but maybe should not be used in this tutorial.’’ Just imagine! If any word was beyond their limited know-how the English was wrong, and they were not newcomers, they were experienced! A student had given ``Immortalised’’ – a beautiful title of a story. But Pappu Sir and Ruma Rakshashi ridiculed the title and instructed to make the title more ordinary and deduct marks. Most rubbish!

Keya Rakshashi often proudly  said, ``I eat whatever is given to me even without looking.’’

 Would she also eat shit without looking?

Fairy Conscience had fruits and a light snack in the afternoon. On seeing that, Keya Rakshashi started to have a guava after lunch at 2 pm-having fruits immediately after lunch creates a lot of acidity. Having lunch in the afternoon/late afternoon is itself a very bad habit. Many stupid Bengalis have fruits just after lunch thinking this cleanses the system. Fairy Conscience had fruits at least three and a half- four hours after lunch and she had her lunch early at around 10.30 -11am on weekdays and before 12 noon on weekends- it was the custom of her house.

At 3 pm everybody had black tea with Ruma Rakshashi.

Rajni Rakshashi said,`` I know that it is not good to have tea after having fruits and a heavy lunch. But as the majority are having tea, I will also have it.’’

Rajni Rakshashi often observed Fairy Conscience and said, ``You have a very pretty face.’’