Village love

By: A.Bharathi

I like to live in village life But it should seems to be very greenish. And a very big garden should be placed around the house.
Till my 12 standard, I created a dream castle to live in Chennai. Why because, all were said that you must go to Chennai and study there in hostel. But after my 12 standard, they told that you have to study in STC. When I felt very much disappointed. Then onwards, I didn't like the city life. Then I attracted by the nature through my aesthetic sense. But now I don't like the nature that much interest. Due to the pandemic, village life is a precious gift from God for me than city life. God's choice is always special. Today I felt very sad to go college alone. When I simply have a thought that want to go with my friends. Fortunately, I went to the college with my warden mam, in return I came with my school friend Sarala. When I cannot believe myself. So, in my point of view, God has the power to do anything with more amazing things. 
#Praise the lord Jesus#stay blessings#for ever