Best experiences in my life

By: A.Bharathi

Best experience in my life

At every age, we are experiencing everything in a new way. Like that I experienced many things which depending on my age. If I want to recollect all those things from my childhood, there will be no sufficient pages to conclude my thoughts. When I recollect all the stufffs from my mind, delightful will occupy my mind without knowingly. The moments, I have spent and spending, these are the ever best experience in my life. So, my first priority stays on my family members and in my beautiful home. So, I can't compare any other things with these things. So, this is the foremost best experience giving place and stuff. Then my best experience which lying on children. Then my true well-wishers that is my unmixed nature like friends. 
While my traveling, I have met many strangers. So, the very first time spending with outside alone, that is the best and ever cute experience. Because, when I felt scary like things. I got afraid to move any places in alone. So, many things are there. They made me often to laughing. Tour like out of Tamil Nadu, that is Hyderabad, which made me to get a feelings of delightful. I want to conclude that best experience is a nice tool to make us to feel pleasant in often. #best#experiences#my life