Lovely Rakshashis and Witches-Part IX

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Rajni Rakshashi had a strange face – a foxy one. She did not have any brain. She corrected whatever was there in the answersheet. The place where Fairy Conscience sat was cool, while the place in which she sat in the staffroom was hot and stuffy. Often she would come and stand near Fairy Conscience and say, ``So cool and comfortable!!’’

She had a son whom she sent to a number of classes. Her son in class, and she with no responsibility-what a lovely feeling indeed! Her brain was retarded and had not graduated beyond high school girls, and she always looked at what Fairy Conscience brought for tiffin, so did the others. Once Fairy Conscience changed her tiffin box from plastic to a steel one, and she and the others delighted, wondering what Fairy Conscience would bring for tiffin. But Fairy Conscience did not go for regular tiffin sharing much to their disappointment. One day Debjani Rakshashi admitted, ``Many diseases occur due to regular tiffin sharing which cannot be understood from outside. She does not share tiffin with us so that she does not contract those diseases.’’

They had their tiffin at 2 pm while Fairy Conscience had at 2.45 to 3 pm. On days she arrived a little early, she ate at say 2.15-2.30 pm so that she did not get acidity for staying on an empty stomach for a long time. Her time of eating on these days coincided with that of the others, but she sat alone and had her food.

She did not disturb others, but the others had a mental problem. One day Viki Rakshashi, while passing by said, ``You could have lunch with us.’’

Ranjani Rakshashi knew that it was not good to have lunch at that hour. But as she was not accustomed to having proper lunch at an early hour, or did not have the idea, efficiency of how to do so, she somehow could not get it out of her head why Fairy Conscience did not have lunch with them.

One day she observed Fairy Conscience and said, `` My God! Are you on a fruit diet? Don’t you have lunch?’’

Fairy Conscience said, `` Well, everyday I have a proper lunch with my father at 10.30-11 am. Now, I am having fruits and yoghurt, my father also has fruits and yoghurt at this time.’’

On hearing about her father, Ranjani Rakshashi could say no more. She hurriedly went away and for the next few days nobody disturbed. Ruma Rakshashi tried to behave nicely with Fairy Conscience and asked, `` You are wearing a beautiful hair clip. Has your mother bought it for you?’’

Fairy Conscience smiled and said, ``Yes.’’

Ruma Rakshashi often read Fairy Conscience’s CV-and compared her achievements with that of Fairy Conscience. This was evident from certain remarks she made or passed.

In Fairy Conscience’s back, she started spying operation-all this was very silly actually.

She hacked Fairy Conscience’s mail, she must have. Fairy Conscience did some assignments on Content writing based on travel topics.

One day Ruma Rakshashi said, ``The content writing job you do is nothing.’’

When Fairy Conscience one day said that she enjoyed travelling alone, Debjani Rakshashi said, ``Yes, go to Goa and have a nice trip.’’ Fairy Conscience was dealing with different aspects of Goa at that time. Keya Rakshashi that year went to visit Rajasthan- Fairy Conscience was writing about Udaipur. Yes , some phone calls came to Fairy Conscience from the Content writing office while she was working in the tutorial- did they overhear?