Lovely Rakshashis and Witches- Part X

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Ruma Rakshashi had assistants, Gopal da, Bijoy da and Sanjoy da. They were a part of the spying process.

The Rakshashi and her son owned a stationary store. There was a park near the store. One day Fairy Conscience had arrived a little early and was sitting in the park, having a juicy apple.

Few days later, while correcting a certain grammar exercise, Fairy Conscience read the sentence, ``The girl was sitting on a bench in the park and having a juicy apple.’’

Fairy Conscience knew a man who was her close friend. Fairy Conscience was intelligent and intelligent people often do not like to make their personal matters public. Ruma Rakshashi was too inquisitive of the relationship status. Fairy Conscience did not tell his name to the other Rakshashis. She just said she had a friend. Sometimes he called in her office. She then went a little away from her working desk and talked with him in a soft voice. Maybe the Rakshashis strained their ears to listen to what she was saying and pretended that they have not overheard.

One day, Ruma Rakshashi called Fairy Conscience in the staffroom and told Rajni Rakshashi to show her a report from the Times Of India. It was about a male private tutor accused of misbehaving with a female student. The name of the tutor and the age coincided with the close friend of Fairy Conscience. Ruma Rakshashi told Rajni Rakshashi to send her a snapshot of the report to Fairy Conscience by WhatsApp if she did not have that day’s issue of the Times of India. Ruma Rakshashi smiled a sly smile at Fairy Conscience, implying, ``You see, I have discovered....I know.’’

Fairy Conscience, one day with a sideways glance, noticed Ruma Rakshashi comparing the circumference of her waist with that of Fairy Conscience as she was sitting and correcting, overtly and minutely observing her figure. Fairy Conscience felt uncomfortable, but tried to conceal her sense of discomfort.

Whether she had come by a taxi or not, she taught her students like her ``own daughters ’’(they must have spied in her locality where she was involved in private tuitions), everything she heard. They thought themselves to be too clever.

Fairy Conscience went to an art school for painting. One of the Rakshashis had asked the name of the art school and location. Fairy Conscience had the feeling that Ruma Rakshashi had paid a visit to the art school (she did not disclose this to Fairy Conscience, neither did the art school staff) and had asked about her, conversed about her with her art teachers. Ruma Rakshashi must have extracted a lot of information and told a lot of things. Let her, if she had nothing better to do! What would people tell about her on her back? Well, the readers could well imagine!

People do nasty things on your back if they are jealous of you, can’t reach your level, want to copy your lifestyle but cannot and when they don’t have what you have. It’s their problem...............they end up doing so many silly useless things! How people treat others, the actions-good or bad is a direct reflection of what they feel about themselves.

If Ruma Rakshashi did bad things, it showed that she felt bad about herself.

Good intentions in the long run result in good outcomes, but bad intentions in the long run result in bad outcomes which cause irreversible damage......................sadly people often forget this when they are caught in the obsession and sick pleasure of doing  bad things.