Lovely Rakshashis and Witches- Part XI

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

If we feel bad about ourselves, we should do something constructive to make ourselves feel good.

If we feel bad about ourselves, certainly it is not a good option of feeling good by not mending our ways but by finding holes in others lives, pass comments, manipulating others and channel them towards developing sick mentalities like addiction and obsession, forcefully injecting into them our vices, harming others, bullying others, backbiting and doing nasty things on others’ back. We cannot run away from the consequences of our deeds, and we don’t know that if we have done something bad, what bad is awaiting us.

If Ruma Rakshashi had an unfulfilled dream of becoming a painter, she could join an art school and exhibit artworks in exhibitions. Well, it could be that she was talented and was ousted from a big school by jealous colleagues. Life is unfair to everybody in some way or the other. But that does not give one the license to become nasty and unfair. Ruma Rakshashi hired qualified talented teachers in her organization, and fired them citing silly reasons- maybe she inflicted on them the treatment she had received and got a sweet pleasure by doing so. She suffered from complex ego problems in their presence for a long period of time. But then, what use of doing this with people who have never harmed you? Then you are the one who is the wrong-doer. Such wrong-doings have adverse effects in the long run- she had a husband, a son, a daughter-in-law, grandchildren. Was it not better to be wise and just and work towards developing better self-control and self-culture, instead of being nasty, manipulating and gluttonous?

Fairy Conscience had a feeling that she was being looked upon overtly and minutely by most of the Rakshashis. The gaze of most of the Rakshashis was not nice. Fairy Conscience was beautiful and unmarried.

Fairy Conscience felt uncomfortable in front of their gaze, especially the gaze of Ruma and Ranjani Rakshashi.

Now, how could a lady above sixty compare herself, her body with a lady half her age? It was not that Fairy Conscience ridiculed people for their appearance. Even then, how could a lady suffer from body image issues on seeing her? Why would Keya Rakshashi say, ``Why can’t Christina be the new Kareena?’’ It was completely their mental problem.

 Keya and Ranjani Rakshashi , on seeing Fairy Conscience, admitted, `` With age everything of ours is becoming bad- our skin, hair,.....’’

Keya Rakshashi one day admitted, `` I overeat ..............’’looking at the reasonable Fairy Conscience always reminded her of that. ....that was the root of many of her problems.

Fairy Conscience had a strong personality. She had every right to make the Rakshashis understand the limit to which she was approachable and to give them the feeling that ``I am nice, but do not do things with me I don’t like.  Do not cross a certain barrier.’’

One day when Fairy Conscience entered into the staffroom, Ruma Rakshashi said to Debjani Rakshashi, `` We are not interfering.(Debjani Rakshashi nodded in ascent). If she ( Fairy Conscience) could not adapt here, where would she survive?’’

 Closed minded people always have open mouths- this contradictory saying was exemplified by the Rakshashis.

The Rakshashis did not have any stopper in their mouths, neither a proper regulator to regulate their actions...they did not have any sense of limit.

Fairy Conscience liked to maintain a certain level of privacy. It was not that she was unfriendly. But yes, there is no wrong in making others feel that there is a limit...