Lovely Rakshashis and Witches- Part XIII

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Debjani Rakshashi admitted, `` We should see people from other races(Bengali) other than ours......’’

Much remains untold...........but.................

Ruma Rakshashi had started to feel inferior to Fairy Conscience with time. Fairy Conscience was tall, pretty and much more accomplished. She did not even stand beside Fairy Conscience on Fairy Conscience’s birthday for a photograph.  To her, Fairy Conscience was a misfit in the tutorial.

The number of students in the tutorial were dwindling. Sometimes, there were very few copies.

Ruma Rakshashi was very upset.

``Have you had your lunch? ‘’ one day Ruma Rakshashi asked, standing just behind Fairy Conscience in front of the fridge. Fairy Conscience was correcting something. She looked behind and saw the witch. The witch had come to take chilled Chaanch from the fridge. The witch looked horrible. Fairy Conscience had worked for quite a long time and felt that everyone had become accustomed to her habits. Fairy Conscience did not like something about the gaze of the witch. She was feeling irritated and uncomfortable. She kept silent just to keep her cool.

The witch shouted repeatedly, `` Can’t you hear me? Have you had your lunch? Have you had your lunch? Have you had your lunch? Have you had your lunch?’’

 Fairy Conscience got startled. It seemed that the witch had come to gobble her up.

Fairy Conscience gathered herself and said calmly, ``I do not understand.’’ After a pause, she said,``Well, I come to work after having my lunch, so I could not understand your question. You have been seeing me for a long time. You know it, don’t you?’’

Ruma Rakshashi replied, `` Know..... I don’t...........’’

Fairy Conscience,``Yes, I have lunch, in the afternoon I have some light.........’’

``Tiffin’’, Ruma Rakshashi added smilingly, `` but few days I have been seeing you eat at 2-2.15 pm’’

``Well yes’’, said Fairy Conscience,``Maybe on a few days, I arrived earlier , and felt like that’’

Ruma Rakshashi went away.

Now, on certain days, she had got out a little earlier and had a light lunch, so she had ate a little early to prevent giving gap to her stomach for a long time. What was wrong with that? She had participated in all the food parties, even cooked good quality paneer, fish chops for them, bought sweets, but yes, on a regular basis she did not like tiffin sharing..... What was so wrong with that?

Fairy Conscience was a little baffled. Now, many people of different cultures prefer an early lunch  because it suits their body. The Rakshashis are not the only people in the world. Yes, Fairy Conscience had two vegetable preparations, dal and fish with rice and came-very straight.  She woke up around 6 am, had breakfast, then had her lunch, what was the problem? Not everybody prefer to heat their meals in a microwave oven everyday like the Rakshashis. She had a much better lunch than Ruma Rakshashi and the others as well..................and she did not like to miss her fish.

Moreover, it is said that when a person gives you something to eat, the bad qualities of that person also enter inside you with the food. It is not a nice thing to accept food from everybody..... Fairy Conscience was gifted with these senses .......she was aware ........ not unaware like the Rakshashis.You do not feel like eating everything at any time..................not everybody is a Rakshashi.

She started overtly and minutely observing the Rakshashis, especially Ruma Rakshashi- yes,eating pattern and  their figure and face from top to bottom in a very detailed way.