Lovely Rakshashis and Witches- Part XIV

By: Tania Bhattacharyya

Many of them felt very uncomfortable.....they felt afraid to approach her...............of course Fairy Conscience had every right to create a barrier with them with the strength of her personality..................

Fairy Conscience one day overheard Ruma Rakshashi telling others in the staffroom, `` No, no, I won’t go to her. God knows what she will tell me. Then one day she would say I am Hyangla’’

From the next day, Podgy Pappu came to the fridge to take his mother’s Chaanch..

Few days later a sentence appeared in a grammar exercise, ``I do not understand.’’

Ruma Rakshashi and the other Rakshashis understood that Fairy Conscience was overtly and minutely observing them. They started to feel very afraid and uncomfortable. Well, when they do that with others, how do they feel?

One of the better teachers said, `` I do not overtly and minutely observe people all the time. That is an atrocious habit.’’

Ruma Rakshashi had a severe illness for which she had to be hospitalised. Her gluttony was taking a lot of toll on her. She was to have a major operation after which she would not be able to overeat. It would have been nice if the operation was coupled with a brain transplant operation. Already , plans of eating out in restaurants were being cancelled. She was having frequent indigestion and even she refused to eat one day when Anita Rakshashi came with goodies.

She felt very ashamed to face Fairy Conscience after the operation. What will she do? Teach  her son to tell a bunch of lies and bully?

On the day of Janmashtami, By God’s grace, Fairy Conscience flew away the gaze of the toxic Rakshashis. Her constitution was not that of a Rakshashi, and God did justice to her.

Ruma Rakshashi had asked her, `` Why are you different?’’

Fairy Conscience: ``Everybody is different. You are also different from others(a masterpiece creation!)Only few people have the courage to know and accept themselves and be what they are and most importantly, be at peace with themselves. I am not a Rakshashi. I do not have to justify that. Am I asking you why you are not like me? Why you are a Rakshashi? Why are you obsessed? Why you do not apply soap?’’

The truth slipped out from Pappu Sir’s lips-

 ``Everybody is afraid of you. You are inapproachable.’’................Well, every wrong doer is afraid to face their conscience. Fairy Conscience was a personification of the conscience of Ruma Rakshashi and her Rakshashi bandwagon.

``If you say you have not succumbed to peer pressure, I must say you are very strong. You must have your own place’’

``I am sorry that you disliked us so much’’

God loves Fairy Conscience. Fairy Conscience has faults, but she had never harmed, neither intends to harm anybody.

God will certainly guide Fairy Conscience towards light. It remains to be seen what fate lies in wait  for the Rakshashis, especially Ruma Rakshashi and her family.

If you feel that you are in contact with a screw-headed Rakshashi, do not become one.Be yourself. Retain your sanity and sense of judgment, however Rakshashis(also Rakshashas) may bully you.

 Life’s path often leads us to strange people. They have qualities. Take their good, not their bad. Give them a message, create a barrier. Maybe screw-headed people outnumber sane people in society. Maybe stupid societal norms, life’s circumstances, planetary influences churn out screw-headed people in large numbers. If you are among those few people who dare to go against these norms and adopt different and better habits and preferences and perceptions, be yourself......gentle and calm.