An open letter to the year 2020

By: Mousumi Biswas

AN OPEN LETTER    TO THE                                                   YEAR 2020                           


   To  Year 2020
     Everyone ushered you  with lots of hopes ,  happiness and gaity . You started off on a good note in the beginning , but  suddenly began to throw tantrums and soon turned difficult  . You  befriended a notorious virus named Corona , causing loneliness, sadness and depression due to the  social distances , loss of lives and livelihoods.
 But Remember_ 
' Every cloud has a silver lining
And in every negativity there is positivity'
      Though the pandemic is not what everyone anticipated, but the positivity ,  productivity and changes that it has brought about is certainly what is commendable and wanted.
      Each day when  I open my eyes to the beauty of God's wonderful  creation , I thank God from the core of my heart for giving me another opportunity to enjoy the sweet chirping of the birds , a pretty rainbow after the rains and  the first rays of the sun . 
        Spending quality and fun time together with my family and loved ones has always been  one of my greatest joys in life . Now in this trying time , I just want to rewind those  moments  and freeze time so I can really soak  in their memories.
         The lockdown coupled with innovative ideas in  technology  has created some space and time  to be with my  family , friends and loved ones who have always been my pillar of strength . I enjoy every moment with them on phone,  whatsapp, Facebook, video calls , zoom etc. 
          When I rummage through the photo  albums , phone gallery and  little notes jotted down in my  parents' diaries , I realise that they  have all  left behind fond and cherished memories which are close to my heart . 
      You have led me take a new and positive  perspective on daily activities and to brush up my skills and rediscover my potentials and hobbies . Though not very pally with my kitchen and efficient in my culinary skills, once in a while I do make an honest effort to whip up a few great dishes .  
          Reading books , watching films , social media and  spending time  with nature and nurturing  my  plants in my garden are  rejuvenating and therapeutic during this testing  time.
         Honing  up my writing and baking  skills was always on my agenda . Starting a  cake blog and certificates of achievements on winning a   few online competitions  are added bonuses. 

 “Teaching is one such profession that creates other professions”  .  This is also  a the  call to everyone    to  value and respect teachers . Teaching is a taxing job . Whether in real class rooms or virtual their hard work and dedication must be appreciated . I am in real awe of technology ,  educational institutions ,  teachers , students and parents  who are overcoming all the problems and  keeping the fire of learning burning even in this difficult time of the pandemic . 

           'Necessity and adversity is the mother of all inventions'
     .I am hopeful that with  the invention of the Covid _ 19 vaccination ,  the virus you brought with you  , will  never raise its venomous head again to strike havoc .   Before I sign off let me put in a few words of gratitude to all those who held my hand  to sail through  you , year 2020.    A very hopeful

Mousumi Biswas