Human beings are social beings. The feeling of social acceptance is very strong at every stage of development. Peer groups play a vital role in every child's life. Peer pressure is swaying towards  the wrong things inspite of knowing that it is not the right thing to do . Peer pressure can erupt from anywhere and at any age or source .It can come through friends, siblings, relatives, society , TV , misleading advertisements or information  etc . It's an issue that is all around us . It affects a person's  life both positively and negatively. 
          Peer pressure is a dangerous forms of self persuasion that can lead to loss of individual identity . It may lead to blindly emulate others and adopt their ways of living . It can have a strong impact on the decision taking quality , confidence and habits . Peer pressure is perhaps one of the main reasons for indulging  unscrupulous pleasures  like  drugs, smoking , alcohol and crimes . By falling prey to peer pressure , people destroy their own lives.
         However peer  pressure is not always a villain . It has positive aspects also.  Peers can help in shaping up each other's personality. A person who has strongparental bonding and guidance and is in the company of morally strong peers , may be inspired to work hard and develop positively. Peer pressure can also help us to learn and grow strongly and in a positive way . It can also help in becoming more confident and optimistic. 
           Sometimes it may be difficult to say no to peer pressure. But one has to listen to the heart and walk away from misguiding  people and situations . Seeking help from  parents, teachers , councillors help in facing the issue .