The Fraud Head

By: Yash kumar yadav

A  Fraud Head

Once upon a time, there was a village named Sholapur. The head of the village, Shambu   was very rich and greedy. He doesn’t give any help to his villagers… One day, a villager came and asks him for help but Shambu said “I can’t help you, go from here can’t you see I am eating my meal”...” In the same way, he kept saying this and always avoided the villagers. One day, a villager named Gattu decided that he will teach Shambu… Few days later, Gattu called all the villagers and said that they all can defeat the Shambu and all the villagers agree with Gattu, then they made a plan… Next day, one villager goes to Shambu and said “Sir, should we all villagers organize an election together?” Shambu said that Yes you should organize an election in Sholapur… Then all the villagers fix the date of election after that Gattu stands against Shambu and what was it then, all the villagers voted more for Gattu and Gattu won… Gattu then started thinking about getting Shambu out of the village. But Gattu was very honest and kind man, so he didn’t get Shambu out of the village.


Moral of the story: We should always help everyone and never cheat anyone