Her Valentine

By: Ananya

She has a Valentine, but not the perfect Valentine.

He had always longed to marry her, professed his love a number of times. She had not deserted him. She had a soft corner for him, and for the last five years had cared for him dearly.

Both were unmarried but sincerely longed to marry. But he was not the perfect choice for a groom, though he had only wanted to marry her. He could not think of any other lady.

She had told him a number of times to marry another lady, and keep her as her best friend, but this had not worked out.

He was twelve years older than her and not well-salaried. In society, a not so well-salaried man is looked down upon, overlooking his qualities. She was not everybody. She felt that a person was much more than age and monetary status. She got enraged if he was ridiculed and subject to insensitive remarks for his age (which had ripened above forty) and unmarried status.

He had been wronged and exploited unjustly in his professional life. He had a troubled family background. He was honest, talented, creative and often misunderstood. She was also often misunderstood by others. But somehow they understood certain important aspects of each other which others failed, or had failed to understand. She had searched for many grooms, but nobody had been so eager as him to marry her.

Many a time, they had tried to drift away from each other, but they had reconnected. They had different backgrounds and upbringing.  His imperfections were the fault of his fate, upbringing, stupid societal norms usually imposed and life’s circumstances. Sometimes she loved him, sometimes she felt hesitant and doubted him. He had an innate gift for astrology. From astrology he derived solace about his life’s circumstances. He knew that his life was full of struggles. Sometimes he cried like a helpless child to her, longing for some settlement. She always empathized with him. She also got some solace from his astrological explanations of some of her life’s strange circumstances which often made her confused and worried.

Both of them were not very well salaried and not well settled. She felt sceptical to marry him, but cared for him dearly. She thought of her would-be child, and did not want to opt for less optimum living conditions and rash decisions.

She also thought that if she married someone else, she would not forget him. He was the first man to have kissed her. A girl never forgets that.

Very few married woman care for their husbands the way she had cared for him. He had a troubled life. Only she had made him feel worthy. Only she had been his lifeline for survival.

He was the love she had been gifted by God. Maybe he was a not a man to be readily approved and accepted. He had said, ``I am not everybody.’’ But he had something in him, maybe overlooked by others which she could see with her third eye.

This Valentine’s day, she felt happy, empty, yet heavy. In God’s eyes, she had a Valentine. In Society’s eyes both of them were unmarried. But in God’s eyes they were married in some way.

As helpless children of God, they have been groping in the dark in search of light. They have suffered constant mental unrest due to constant dilemma about what destiny has in reserve.

They are on the brink of their patience. Their parents are aged.

Will God be kind enough to settle this unsettled matter without further delay?