By: Chinmoy Nath

Two candle lights were burning in a deserted room. The sounds, situation and the shadows dwelling there were inhuman; each and every friction of seconds proves it to be a red light area. As darkness falls the place suddenly comes to life. Several girls were seen waiting eagerly, rolling their tongues around their lips as if they were the queens of their own mohullas. Is it their hunger for thirst or for sex that gave a new look to that particular corner of Calcutta. 
21st century. The century of Science where the main logo is: “21stcentury _money talks.” 
But earning money is impossible for the girls who have once lost their character. Chandini- her name proves her charm. She came to Calcutta to earn her daily bread. She was the apple of her parents’ eyes. But as she got the required norms, she thought of finding a job and started her journey from a small village Ratnapur. Moreover being the eldest of the four children, she promised her poor father to take care of the three sisters. 
Being a blacksmith, her father Ramlal could hardly satisfy his own materialistic needs. And the demands of four daughters were too high. In fact, they had to starve for days and nights. So, to minimize her father’s burden, Chandini came to the glamorous city of Calcutta. 
Luckily she got a chance in a soap factory. She knew that the job was not satisfactory but consoled hand said herself, 
“Chandini, the fact is not that the field of stars us so vast but the wonder is that you found it”.
Days rolled, she became engrossed in her job and struggled to fight for her needs; her family’s needs.  But the innocent girl didn’t even imagined that her beauty would one day prove fatal. One day, situation became worse and some wolves like man in the street crushed her like a rose on the street. To her bad luck she unknowingly came to Kalighat one of the worst area in Calcutta and was trapped.
The area mentioned in the narrative was now the dwelling place of Chandini.  She couldn’t come out, as the society wouldn’t accept her and she became what she hadn’t ever imagined in her dreams. 
Among other girls in Kalighat she was of no exception. She now knows the bitter truth…. that her hunger for food and fight for existence will only help her only if she could satisfy her customers. 
It’s a pitiful situation that an ambitious girl lost herself in the crowds of Calcutta. Is it her fault that she came forward to earn her daily living, is it her fault to offer herself as an earning source for her family, would the society ever accept her?
No, no…..a big ‘No’.
It’s all because of hunger. Had the feelings of hunger never existed, our beautiful Chandini would have remained the same.