By: Dr Nalini Janardhanan


It was another busy day for Manu. He was surprised to see an email from his mother.

“Dear Manu,

We are a blessed and happy family now, as your sister also found her life partner. I was glad to notice that you planned, skillfully managed and assisted your Dad in arranging everything during these Corona times. The marriage function was outstanding and you made it a golden memory to cherish. Once again you have proved that you are a manager par excellence.

Dear son, when I reminisce about our past, I miss you, the naughty little boy. How I wish to relive those nostalgic moments with you once again. You have grown up in the blink of an eye. Your Dad and me never compelled you to be a doctor or an Army officer. We let you live your dreams and take up the profession you like. You worked hard to reach the present position of Vice President in a reputed company. You have many awards and achievements. You deserve them, being a talented, sincere and efficient person who trust in God. You have a beautiful, intelligent, strong, independent and caring wife who is also in the same profession. You are a grown up man with your own ideas, thoughts, interests, talents and personality.

Just remember:

-We have only one life to live. Do what make you content and happy. Listen to your heart and soul.


-Treat your wife and all women with respect.

-Don’t worry about things beyond your control. God is there to take care of you. Leave everything in His hands.

-Don’t take life seriously. Have fun and enjoy.

-Be humble and show respect to your elders. Be kind and friendly to your colleagues and neighbors.

-Cherish every moment. Realize that nothing in life is permanent. Don’t get disheartened when you face sorrows and failures. Think that ‘this too shall pass’.

-Surround yourself with loving people who encourage, love and support you.

-Friends may come and go in your life. Love yourself and be your own best friend. Once in a while, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You need self-esteem and confidence to be a winner.

My dear child, when you held my hand and said goodbye yesterday, as we were leaving your house, I could feel your concern and care. When you told me to count my blessings, I knew that you are the first and foremost blessing in my life. When you told us ‘Mom and Dad, I may not be able to express my love to both of you but I am always there for you’, I was touched by your unconditional love. When you smiled, I could see the same twinkle in your eyes that melted my heart when you were a tiny kid.

Always do your duty and face the struggles of life with that beautiful smile on your cute face. You are an awesome singer and a multitalented person with an innocent heart full of love and kindness. Don’t change yourself for someone else. You will face all challenges and be a winner in life.

Dear son, we may not be together always but please know that I love you. I will always be with you in life and after death. Whenever you miss me just close your eyes and you would feel the warmth of my hug my dear child…God bless you.

Lots of Love from your Mom.”

Manu wiped his tears of joy and thought ‘My parents are my best blessings in life’.