PHOBOS....the unarmed battle



“My lord,  the enemies have surrounded all the sides of the castle”.
“This castle endows the power of the Lord not to be perforated.We have more than thirty thousands artilaries, two hundred and fifty cannons and the best of archers of Greece. You needn’t worry”.
“ Phobos,Deimos… ..”,the king summoned the two princes. 
“I believe, you two own the blessings of the God  of sky, Zeus. Two astral bodies continuously emits energy for you two. You are invincible.
The two princes bowed their heads and with bold grips on their swords handles, roared,
“The morning sun will encounter a bloody battle ever seen in the orb”. With these words,the two princes returned to their private chambers. 
That night, an unpleasant feeling triggered the mind if Phobos by the approach of danger. He took continuous deep breath and wondered if it was real or imagination. He arranged the armies and discussed all the tactics and encouraged them with only one sentence repeated thousands of times. 
“No war, no blood sheds, no ferocious battle… …only victory”.
All the soldiers were astonished at what Phobos was repeating. 
“I said no blood sheds, but didn’t say… .no deaths”,a deep voice infused an unpleasant feeling among all the soldiers. Their breath shortened and limbs started to loose it’s energy to support their bodies. 
The howling of several wolves geared the unexpected feelings to the extremes.
“Soldiers ~~~this castle has a distinctly eerie atmosphere, you know why”, roared Phobos with a devilish laughter. 
“The sensation, which you as soldiers have never felt before, is an illusion created by me…..The Great Phobos. Once I learnt in my childhood, when people feel they faced imminent danger, they calls it fear. From that time, I demolished that word from the entire kingdom”.
The soldiers gained their lost confidence but felt their mind tossing in an enchantment. 
The entire castle was surrounded by enemies. Suddenly the main gate of the castle opened and a bundle of soldiers rushed out of the main gate. Before anybody could do anything, several ferocious werewolves came from nowhere and tore the soldiers into pieces. The hidden enemies encountered a horrible scene and wondered, was it the beginning of the battle. 
Graveyard stillness surrounded the entire area. A great pause prevailed the war zone. 
Adonis looked at the lump of fleshes scattered all around. 
“Soldiers, I surrender. I know the extremes of war tactics,  have fought bloody battles but never in my life have encountered a curious suicidal attack”.
The General interrupted, “ Sorry to interrupt in the middle, your Highness, do you think it was an attack; it was they who lost their man power”.
“By the way, why your voice is trembling, it doesn’t suits a General .
As Adonis spoke these words, he perceived an odd feeling among the troops of soldiers. 
“Really,a war ended without a combat. Phobos intentionally sacrificed some of his soldiers, but snatched our courage to fight. Now, no-one will attack us. We are attacked by the illusion created by Phobos. 
I can’t name the eerie feeling but as long as I live, for me it’s a PHOBIA.