By: Aadhyam

It's when I am bored and doing nothing,

I call my friends and say let's play one game, come to pubg!


It begins with a plane flying off with 100 unknown players,

One by one all get down and become the adventurers.


There are different supplies lying all around the places,

Have to collect guns, medicines, bullets before your enemy traces.


You can be a team of 4, so you have to kill remaining ninety six,

You can revive each other if knocked out by enemies.


The place you landed shrinks,

So that all can come nearer for kills.


You can communicate with your team,

To motivate each other to play extreme.


You can shout, let's go, get to the safe zone,

I found supplies, enemies ahead or gather around.


When you find vehicle, take your mates along and say get in the car,

You need to stay in the safe zone, protect your mates so don't go too far.


You or any of your mates have to be the last survival,

To get the Winner chicken dinner after killing all the rival!!!