The Blissful Yellow

By: Hitarthi Wadhwa

I am the colour of your first morning kiss. The one which 
catches your attention more than any colour. I am the 
brightest of all in the spectrum; you come face to face with me 
everywhere on the roads. I am the colour of your umbrella 
and the one Cold Play wrote a song about. I am the shade of all 
things positive and most importantly of mom’s home cooked 
daal. I am the colour of your favourite 90’s cartoon, Sponge 
Bob Square Pants that you were once glued to. I am those 
mustard fields which made Kajol and Shahrukh the iconic 
love birds of their time. I am the colour of Haldi, bringing 
glow in every bride’s new phase of life. I am every emotion 
you can’t convey in words. I am the practical thinker, not the 
dreamer. I am the colour of the king of fruits, which once as 
a kid you always relished. I am the comedian, the entertainer 
and the clown. I carry different meanings in every corner of 
the world. Japan applauds my courage but Mexico lays me 
on a death bed. I am the colour of the wood, Frost talks about 
in his poem. I am the hue of emoticons in the age of texting. 
I am not emotional, coming from the head rather than the 
heart. I am the colour of a hug during snowfall, the warmth 
of firewood on a chilly winter twilight and those egg yolk 
coloured taxis, which buzz through the streets of Calcutta. 
I am the summer outfit which he gifted me on Valentine’s. 
I am the colour of hope, life gives you at every moment but 
dismally also of your inner screams and anxiety, when your 
heart sinks secretly behind those closed doors!