A Perfect Relationship

By: Manju Dhall

‘Alok, how was your evening with Vinita? How
is she?’
‘Tell you all about it in the evening, mom. See
you’. And he came over to her, hugged his mother
lovingly, something that always disarmed her.
‘So, did you and dad enjoy the match? Who
‘Oh mom, dad had no time for me. He was never
home. I hardly saw him when you were away. Bye,
mom, I’m getting late.’
Naina’s forehead creased. Father and son had
been planning for weeks about the IPL match
they were going to watch. There had been endless
discussions about the form of the individual players
and of course the betting that went with it. Why didn’t they go for the match? The tickets were so expensive. She must ask Satish in the evening

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