Creativity follows self-awareness

By: Ruchi Zindal

When we are self-realized, we are
connected to our inner voice or intuition
and we recognize our full potential or
capabilities. We don’t think of ourselves
as a victim of circumstances; instead we
believe we are masters of our destiny. The source of self realization invisible in our surroundings. It can be family, friends, a spiritual leader or other inspirational personalities. When we are unhappy about our past, we want to resolve it, and in trying to come up with an answer to our question, we need inspirational energy or a trigger point to resolve our past and move ahead. When we get our inspirational trigger point from our environment, we are motivated and challenged to do something creative. This new understanding leads to new awareness and we find new insights to resolve our past and understand the root causes of our past problems. It leads to creative solutions.
The life story of Oprah Winfrey is a creative inspirational story.

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