Creativity as a skill and the need for practice to polish it

By: Ruchi Zindal

Creativity can be applied to any
profession, whether it is sports, journalism,
teaching, architecture, science, art, music,
writing, cooking, singing, business,
management, technology, etc. We need
knowledge and skill to produce creative
thought. However, if we don’t put in
practice with this knowledge and skills, we
can’t produce new ideas. If we put oil in the
machines for them to run perfectly, then we
can use that machine properly; likewise, if
we don’t put practice with the knowledge
and skills that we have, we can’t produce
new ideas. The contribution of creative
thought or skill can directly translate into
career development and financial reward.

Michael Jordan is recognized as a basketball icon in the field of sports. His knowledge and skills are superb. This amount of knowledge, skill and precision came only from constant practice, diligence and love for the game. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was the fourth of five children. As a child, he had a very close relationship with his father as they both bonded over the game of baseball. His older brother, Larry, used to play basketball. He followed in his brother’s footsteps and chose basketball. They moved to North Carolina. Michael liked winning at the game.

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