Power of Self - Inquiry

By: Vincent Keny

But it turns out that self-inquiry is very much a
moving target, depending on the person who is doing it.
Just as certain ideas will resonate with some people and
not others, the methods of self-inquiry may resonate
with some practitioners and not with others. The
reason for this variation is due to the inner condition
of each individual’s nervous system. The degree of
inner purification and opening deep inside has a direct
bearing on the degree of consciousness that is available
in the person for gaining knowledge of the nature of
existence, at least insofar as knowledge can be gained
through direct experience within the individual.
The key factor in this is the presence of what we
call inner silence, also called pure bliss consciousness,
the self, or the witness. It is called the witness because
stillness in our awareness is our ground state and, once
established, is capable of experiencing all thoughts,
perceptions and emotions as objects outside its own
unmoving awareness.
The presence of the witness changes the complexion
and effectiveness of all self-inquiry methods dramatically
and our perception of everyday life as well. What had been a moving target becomes steady, and the very knowledge we have been seeking is what we become. We were that all along, and the witness is that. There is an old saying that what we are seeking is what is doing the seeking. Our inner awareness in the form of the witness is both the goal and the means for attaining it.
The witness can be cultivated in human beings by engaging in self-inquiry. This is its purpose. However, it is very difficult to do it using self-inquiry as the sole means. Ask anyone who has tried without using any other supporting practices.
A much more effective way... 

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