Satyavaan Yaadav – The Revolution

By: Dr. Syd. K.

‘What are you prattling about Satyavaan? I can make
neither head nor tail of it!’
‘Master, I’m telling you that I have the miracle that can
bring back our Chandragupta.’
‘Is it some kind herbal concoction?’
‘No master, this is a treasure, extremely invaluable and
‘You are saying that such a device can save Chandragupta?
This is the kind of magic mumbo jumbo with which I have
no patience!’
‘It is certainly magic sir, but not of the kind that you are
alluding too. Will you allow me to explain …?’
‘Alright, we have nothing to lose here have we? If my
dear Chandragupta can come back hale and healthy, what
more do we want? Start talking!’
‘But before I tell you, we need to make sure that Dharma
is in real danger. This is the clause I have been sworn to
regarding this article.’
‘Don’t you think it already is neck deep in danger my
son. With all the atrocities perpetrated by Dhana Nanda and
his men, the Dharma of entire Bhaarath-varsh is in danger.
Invading forces can enslave us if things do not change
quickly. You can start telling me without any hesitation.’
I cleared my throat, then proceeded to quickly brief him
about my family secret without leaving out any details of the
information that had been handed down to me through my
paternal family tree. I told him the story where Lord Krishna...........

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