Back at the city of Dwaaraka..

By: Dr. Syd. K.

‘Brother Satrajit, you are forgetting that we are now
proud owners of the immortal Semmanthaka and this means
we will be richer than King Krishna himself with all that gold
that this gem is going to give us every day. King Krishna
cannot refuse me now even if I am dead drunk. Forget King
Krishna, even Lord Vishnu in Vaikunth cannot refuse me. We
are the richest and greatest in all the three worlds!’ Prasenjit
downed another pitcher.
‘Ha, ha, ha, brother, you are so right. How can you not
be? You are, after all, my blood. Yes we will be richer and
mightier than even the gods themselves. Alright then, good
night and let me know in the morning how the meeting went.
That land is ours.’ his bed and passed out. As for Prasenjit, he staggered out
of his brother’s house. Even though deeply intoxicated, the
alcohol had not gotten to him as much as it had gotten to his
older brother. As he swayed out into the night, into the streets,
empty save for a few strays, the gem around his neck shone
brilliantly as if it was daylight, and lit up the surrounds.
Prasenjit kept on walking. He did not even know when he
digressed from his intended route and reached the outskirts
of the city and entered the scrub forest surrounding it.
Moreover, he had completely forgotten his royal appointment
with Krishna. Darkness had fallen on the land and Prasenjit
had still not stopped.
He was totally oblivious to his surrounds even as the
effects of the rice wine began waning considerably. Stumblingthrough the dark, Prasenjit abruptly realized that he had lost
his way, and more importantly, forgotten his appointment.
He had strayed into the deepest parts of the forest where no
human had ever entered in recent times. Prasenjit halted in
his tracks and surveyed the scenery. There was nothing but
scrub jungle all around.
The faraway trees looked like dark sentinels against
the blackened sky. Prasenjit resigned himself to the current
situation.  He his way back to town the next morning. As for the missed
appointment with the King, he decided that it was the King
who needed him and his brother more than they needed
him. They held the ace card; the mighty gem that even the
gods themselves coveted. He resumed his walk but halted
abruptly once again. He thought he saw a shadow move on
his right. He turned and strained his eyes in that direction,
but could not discern anything beyond the circumference of
light thrown by the gem around his neck.


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