My Imperfect Dream

By: Vaibhav Thakur

We were walking slowly towards Sunset Point. Every step I took
conjured up memories of my previous class trip to Kasauli. On
that day the whole 10+2 class - both medical and non-medical
sections - were brought hereon a two-day trip.
Sunset Point loomed large in my mind. It was the same
spot where I had kissed Preeti. We had been seated in one of
the benches viewing the plains of northern India: Parwanoo,Panchkula, Baddi, Chandigarh, etc. The lights twinkling like
stars and the wind blowing her hair, was something I hadn’t
forgotten. Then I had gotten closer and within seconds my lips
had touched hers.
‘Armaan,’ Akashi said and pulverized my connection with
the past. ‘Are you alright? You look a bit anxious.’ She came
closer to me.
I looked into her blue eyes. Her innocent expression
pressured me into revealing my past. I could not put it off any
further. I made her sit on the same bench. ‘I want to confess
something which I have, so far, kept from you.’ I held her hand
tightly and looked intently at her. She nodded, curious.
‘I loved a girl during my school days. Our relationship was
moving smoothly, when one day she left me all of a sudden. It
was difficult to forget her but I succeeded somehow. But now,
this whole place is reminding me of her and the moments we
shared here.’ It all came out in a rush. I could sense that it had
startled her, but she continued to listen silently.
‘Her name was Preeti. But she is no more in my life.
Remember that evening when you asked me about my past,
I didn’t tell you about her. I wanted to keep my past buried
deep inside me. I know how it feels when you lose someone
and I cannot afford to lose you.’ I continued to tell her all the
incidents related to Preeti. I revealed the trauma which had led
me to absent myself from class for almost a week.
‘Enough, Armaan!’ She interrupted in-between and pulled
back her hand.


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